✿ Thanksgiving OOTD 2013 ✿

1:54 AM

Thanksgiving was so very warm here! It didn't feel like winter at all haha. I'm happy to present you with my outfit of the day ♪(v^_^)v

Sweater: YesStyle 
Dress/Skirt: China

The top is a favorite of mine that I've had for quite some time. So easy to wear and pair with almost anything, and so comfortable. I love the cute nerd bunny hehehe. 

Under it I am actually wearing a chiffon dress that peeks out perfectly to act as a skirt. 

~   ~   ~ 

Stephen & Cindy

Was so happy to see everyone, especially my one and only younger brother. He's so sweet!! Just turned 15 and already 180 cm!! I'm 158 cm so its difficult to take selca with him hahaha. 

After being away at university for so long, I really miss being surrounded by loving family members all the time who dote on me and constantly asking if I have eaten yet. Chinese families love to feed their children hahaha. Was happy to eat home cooked meals from my aunties and mom ^ _ ^ ❉

This year I am thankful for:

❄︎ Going away to University and really learning to appreciate my family
❄︎ Having all my family be in such great health and happiness
❄︎ Being able to study what I want with my parents support
❄︎ Being able to have my own apartment and opportunity to be independent 
❄︎ Having my puppy Wanpo in perfect health ✩ He's such a cutie!!
❄︎ Meeting such wonderful people on IG -- this year truly has been amazing

✿ What are you thankful for? I hope everyone has good health and prosperity and I look forward to Christmas and the New Year. One year older, one year wiser ✿✿

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  1. Aw cindy baby...you're such a cutie, and thankful for so many things! I'm thankful for having the perfect fiance, and meeting wonderful people like you on my IG and blog! <3 when will you post your next post? <3

    xoxo, Mango ❤
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